A to Z Tarkarli Beach Guide, Beach Resort, Hotels, Holidays and Water Sports

Tarkarli beach located in western India, on the coaster area of the Arabian Sea. It is a village in Sindhudurgh district in Maharashtra state. The complete area is also known as Konkan. It is especially known for blue water and white sand.

Tarkarli is 8 km from of Malvan and placed between Mumbai and Goa, at the junction of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea.

It is also part of most popular beaches in India. Few decade back it is under the shadow of Goa tourism, but now it’s favourite tourist destination for Indian as well as Europe public. Due to clean sea face, low crowd but good amenity makes tarkarli beach as best beach Konkan region.

Tarkarli Holiday

Tarkarli Holiday

Near Tarkarli beach, towards the south side, you will reach the devbagh beach. It is a place where Karli river meets the Arabian sea. It is one of the finest picturesque destination.

Tarkarli is developing as a tourist hub and is becoming the next preferred location after Goa. More and more foreign tourist moving towards Tarkarli beach. Thus, all over the world are looking at this place around the year.

Like Caribbean island, Tarkarli beaches are famous for silence and greenery in nature and serene backwaters. It also surrounded by lots of other attractive places, like a traditional temple, fort and delicious cuisine.

Nature gifted features like dolphin increase beauty of Tarkarli beach. Snorkelling, scuba diving added favour in Tarkarli taste. Thus, it is listed in beautiful beaches in the world.

Sindhudurgh fort from Tarkarli Beach

Sindhudurgh fort from Tarkarli Beach

If you the looking spend beach holiday, then Tarkarli beach is the best place for you.

This site especially explores the beauty of Tarkarli beach. So, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of seashores in a perfect Konkani lifestyle.

Where is Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli village built by the Maratha rulers in the 17th century. Tarkarli comes in the Sindhudurgh district under Malvan Taluka. It 546 Km away from Mumbai city towards south Indian. It placed under Konkan region, near to Goa (110 Km). If you in Punjim, then within 3 hr you will reach Tarkarli beach.

Tarkarli Beach and Tarkarli Village

Tarkarli Beach and Tarkarli Village

Tarkarli beach is about 35 km off from nearest Kudal railway station. So, you have lots of option to reach the tarkarli beach. Yes, you can use Road, train or air to enjoy and witness the grooviness of the grand Tarkarli beach.


Best Time to Visits Tarkarli to Enjoy your Holidays

Tarkarli Evining

Tarkarli Evening

Tarkarli is convenient to visitors for the most period of the year. However, the best time to enjoy a fantastic holiday in Tarkarli is during the winter time.

During the winter season, the weather is comfortable and ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the several activities like scuba diving, Snorkelling Tarkarli has to offer.

At this time, you can enjoy the picnic activities without getting dehydrated or feeling the pains of heat. So, October to March is the best month for visits tarkarli to a picnic.

Scuba diving and Snorkeling activities started after Oct-(Diwali) and ended in May end. It is not done in Rainy season not even boating so, visit Tarkarli beach in the winter season.

Tarkarli in Winter Time (October – March)

This is a perfect time for a visit to Tarkarli beach, with friendly climate and cool atmosphere waiting for your arrival. The temperature varies between 17-32 degrees Celcius. It is not high, not low. This is the ideal time to enjoy a scuba dive or watch dolphin near Tarkarli sea.

Tarkarli in Summer Time  (April – June)

This is not the best time for a trip to Tarkarli. These days the temperatures going as high as 39 degrees. Moreover, the humidity, make more difficult. So, it is least comfortable time for a visit Tarkarli beach.

Tarkarli in Monsoon Time (July – September)

As like summer monsoon also not the best time to visit tarkarli. Konkan reason falls under heavy rain area. However, the monsoon is offseason in tarkarli and thus you will get lots of great deals on hotel tariffs.

How to reach Tarkarli in shortest time

Tarkarli is a beautiful village in Malvan taluka in Sindhudurg district located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, it is tourist point and a coral beach.

While Tarkarli is 8 km (5.0 mi) way from south of Malvan and 546 km (339 mi) away from Mumbai.And on the west side of India, at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. Traveller searching, how to reach Tarkarli by road, train or flight?

First of all, from Mumbai to tarkarli there are 3 ways possible. Tarkarli by road from Mumbai is about 500 Kms. If you have own vehicle, then follow the blow path to get Tarkarli in the shortest time. Normally, people know only one option Mumbai to Malvan by road. So, follow our procedure and you will get more than 3 ways for Mumbai to tarkarli by road and 3 option for Pune to Tarkarli by road.

Railway station

While the nearest railway station from Tarkarli is Sindhudurgh Road (Oras) railway station.  But, few trains are stopping at Sindhudurgh Road railway station. Thus, Kudal railway station is the best option to reach Mumbai to tarkarli by train.

Is any train available to reach tarkarli from Pune railway station? Yes, Train number – 22150 runs between Pune to Ernakulam. Train number 22150 has stopped in kankavali railway station, which is 50 Kms from Malvan city. But, Pune Ernakulam is not a regular train. It runs on Wednesday and Sunday only.

If you plan to reach Thursday and enjoying a holiday in the weekend, then 22150 is the best option to reach Pune to tarkarli through the train.


Tarkarli beach is placed just 150 km away from Goa international airport. So, International tourist easily reaches tarkarli using flight. If you are in Mumbai and looking to reach tarkarli by air, then first you have to reach Goa international airport.

Similar to Mumbai to tarkarli by air, you can reach Pune to tarkarli by air. But, no direct flight from pune to tarkarli.

First, you have to reach Dabolim airport located in Goa.  Then hire some vehicle or use public transport and reach Punjim. It is the capital of Goa state. Punjim to tarkarli lots of option available.

For more option Check How to reach tarkarli in shortest path

The Best Cuisine in Tarkarli

Once you go for holiday food is an important part of the enjoyment. Traveller, always looking for new tasty cuisine. Malvan is famous for its best cuisines ever. Also, the region is mostly known the king of fish.

Cuisines are the heart of Malvern.Furthermore, the cuisine is classified as non-veg and veg. In addition, deserts are unforgivable. As people know Malvan for its non-veg cuisine but veg dishes are also rich and testy. Malvan being a seaside(coastal) area in Konkan, it has its own different way of cooking food. Since coconuts are available in quality and quantity almost all food is prepared using coconut.

This food uses coconut actually in all forms such as dry grated, fresh grated, slices, fried, milk and paste.The Malvani masala, a type of dried powder masala which is a mixture of 15 to 16 dry spices.

Many masalas contain dried red chillies. And other spices like cumin, coriander seeds, peppercorns, ginger, cardamom, garlic, etc. Some dishes also use wet masalas such as kokum, dried kokam (amsul), tamarind(halad), and raw mango (kairi).

In addition, some of the non-veg dishes are in form of curry and fry. Fish dishes rule the Malvani cuisine. Fish dishes rule the Malvani cuisine. Some of the recommended cuisines are pomfret fry, bangda fry, Bombay duck fry and shrimp curry.

In conclusion, we can say that one must try all kind of cuisines including both vegs, nonveg in tarkarli beach.