How To Reach Tarkarli Beach by Road, Bus, Train, Air

Tarkarliis located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra state in India. It is especially known for scuba diving and dolphin. White sands with blue waters increase its natural beauty. But, How to reach Tarkarli beach?

Traveller searching, how to reach Tarkarli by road, train or flight? In this, Tarkarli guide you will get each and every detail related to tarkarli. This special post was written on How to reach Tarkarliin shortest path. We explore all the possible option to enjoy the tarkarli beach.

How To Reach Tarkarli in Shortest Time

How To Reach Tarkarli in Shortest Time

Tarkarli comes in the sindhudurgh district under Malvan Taluka. The nearest bus stop is Malvan bus stop and railway stations are Sindhudhurgh Railway station (Oras), Kudal railway station and Kankavli. Also, the nearest airport is Vasco airport Goa. So, road, train and flight all option open for you.

This guide specially designs to explore how to reach tarkarli beach using various options. So, What you will get here.

Tarkarli by Road

  • Mumbai to Tarkarli Bus
  • Pune to Tarkarli Bus

Tarkarli by Train

  • Mumbai to Tarkarli Train
  • Pune to Tarkarli Train

Reach Tarkarli by Air

  • Mumbai to Tarkarli Flight
  • Pune to Tarkarli Flight

How to Reach Tarkarli by Road

If you have own vehicle, then follow the blow path to get tarkarli in the shortest time. Normally, people know only one option Mumbai to Malvan by road. So, follow our procedure and you will get more than 3 ways for Mumbai to tarkarli by road and 3 option for Pune to tarkarli by road.

Let’s start by road. If you are lives in Mumbai or Pune, then here is a roadmap to reach tarkarli by road.

How To Reach Tarkarli by Road

How To Reach Tarkarli by Road

How to Mumbai to Tarkarli by Road

Tarkarli by road from Mumbai is about 500 Kms. You need to follow the NH17 up til Kasal from where you need to take a left to Malvan. Tarkarli is 7 km from Malvan. Similarly, you will get more than 3 ways for Mumbai to tarkarli by road.

(Option 1)

Mumbai-Panvel – Rohe – Mahad – Khed – Chiplun – Lanja – Kankavli – Kasal – Malvan – Tarkarli

  • Just drive on the NH17 highway.
  • It is straight Panvel – Goa highway.
  • After 468 Km you will reach Kasal Chauk.
  • Take a right go for 28 Km towards Malvan.
  • Just before malvan take left towards Debag road and drive for Tarkali.
  • It is around 9-10 hrs journey between Panvel and Takarli.

In this path, you will get Ganpatipule and Ratnagiri beach.  Both are as beautiful as Tarkarli. Ganpatipule is also famous for Lord Ganesh temple. It is historical temple located on the western coast of Konkan region. Kokan is tourist place hence always check most beautiful places near the tarkarli beach.

(Option 2)

Mumbai – Pune – Kolhapur – Tarkarli using NH4

Similarly to NH17, you can reach Mumbai to Tarkarli via Pune, Kolhapur.

NH4 provides you three option to reach tarkarli beach. In first, you can travel from Kolhapur to Malvan via Gaganbawda ghat. Second, Kolhapur to Malvan via Phonda ghat. The last and most interesting route is Mumbai – Kolhapur – Malvan using Amboli Ghat.

Here, you will get details on all three option to reach tarkarli from Mumbai Kolhapur road.

Mumbai – Pune – Kolhapur – Tarkarli via Gaganbawada.

Tarkarli is 534 km away from Mumbai via Pune. To travel tarkarli from Mumbai, go on Mumbai Bangalore highway. Once you reach Kolhapur, take right towards Gaganbawada ghat.

Gaganbawada is hill place join western Maharashtra and Konkan region. Gaganbawada gets the most of rain during the rainy season. It is on the threshold of famous Karul Ghat & Bhuibawada Ghat.

After Gaganbawada Kolhapur border ends and Sindhudurg District starts. This ghat is beautiful and extremely rich in biodiversity. It is famous for trekking, camping heaven birds sightings and wild animal.

Once you enter in sindhudurgh, take left towards Malvan. You will get NH66 and follow the previous procedure to reach Tarkali with Gaganbawada wildlife tour.


Panvel (Mumbai) – Pune – Kolhapur – Tarkarli via Radhanagari.

Another option is Mumbai to Tarkarli through Radhanagari. Once you reach Kolhapur, you will get three option.

I already discussed first one. Second is Kolhapur to Tarkarli via Radhanagari. It is placed between Kolhapur and Kankavali. In his path, you will get Phondha ghat, Radhanagri dam and dajipur sanctuary.

Rino in Dajipur

Rino in Dajipur

Dajipur has located about 490 km from Mumbai. It is best known for the Bison wildlife sanctuary.  Complete 425 species of plants have been recorded in the sanctuary.

If you are animal lover then don’t miss bison,rino, leopard, barking deer, sambar and much more.

Once you cross Radhanagri dam you will enter in the sindhudurgh district and will connect in NH66.

Mumbai – Pune – Tarkarli via Amboli Ghat.

Once interesting and hidden direction between Mumbai and tarkarli is Pune  tarkarli via Amboli Ghat.

Yes! The third option is Mumbai tarkarli via Amboli. Once you in NH4 don’t enter in Kolhapur market. Just travel towards Bangalore using NH4. After, 2-3 hr travelling you will get Nipani district. Take right towards amboli ghat or ajara uttur.

Amboli Hill Station


Once you cross ajara, you will enter in Amboli Ghat. It is a hill station in Maharashtra. Amboli joins sindhudurgh and Kolhapur, located in Sahyadri hills. It is famous for worlds the best “Eco Hot-Spots”. Check why amboli is the best tourist place near tarkarli. 

Above all option applicable if you have own vehicle. But, what about if I don’t have any Vehicle? Don’t worry! You have numerous transportation option to reach tarkarli from Mumbai and Pune.

State Transportation: Maharashtra state sends various Buses from Mumbai to Tarkarli and Pune to Tarkarli.

Private Bus: A large number of private buses travel between Mumbai to Goa and Pune to Goa. Once you reach Kasal, you will get local but towards Malvan or Tarkarli.

Hire Special Car: Nowadays, various companies provide special private vehicle.  Zoomcar is one of them. You can hire Indica, swift desire or even SUV from Zoomcar.

The best price to hire car to travel towards Tarkarli.

 Pune to Tarkarli by Road

Like Mumbai to tarkarli, following option are available to reach tarkarli from Pune by road.

Kolhapur – Tarkarli via Gaganbawda.


Pune – Kolhapur – Tarkarli via Phonda Ghat.


Pune – Kolhapur – Tarkarli via Amboli Ghat.

Sawantwadi Tarkarli

Sawantwadi Tarkarli

Once you down Amboli Ghat, you will reach sawantwadi. The sawantwadi to Tarkarli beach path is shown below.  It is hardly 2Hr travelling.


Mumbai to Tarkarli by Train

Tarkali is situated in Malavn taluka in the sindhudhurgh district. The nearest railway station from Tarkarli is Sindhudurgh Road (Oras) railway station.  But, few trains are stopping at Sindhudurgh Road railway station. Thus, Kudal railway station is the best option to reach Mumbai to tarkarli by train.

Nearest Railway Station in Tarkarli

Nearest Railway Station in Tarkarli

Similarly, Kankavli railway station is another option for you. Compare to Kankavli and Kudal only ½ hr difference. So, you have three option to reach Mumbai o tarkarli by train.

The complete train details considering all three option is shown below.

Train details to reach the tarkarli and Goa

Train details to reach the tarkarli and Goa

Sometimes train schedule may change, thus please check the website for more information and book your train ticket from

Pune to Tarkarli by Train

Is any train available to reach tarkarli from Pune railway station?

Yes, Train number – 22150 runs between Pune to Ernakulam. Train number 22150 has stopped in kankavali railway station, which is 50 Kms from Malvan city. But, Pune Ernakulam is not a regular train. It runs on Wednesday and Sunday only. If you plan to reach Thursday and enjoying a holiday in the weekend, then 22150 is the best option to reach Pune to tarkarli through the train.

An alternative option is to travel Pune to Kolhapur in train and then hire any private bus or public state transport to reach Kolhapur to tarkarli.

Mumbai to Tarkarli by Air

Tarkarli beach is placed just 150 km away from Goa international airport. So, International tourist easily reaches tarkarli using flight. If you are in Mumbai and looking to reach tarkarli by air, then first you have to reach Goa international airport. It is located in Dabolim goa.

Mumbai to Tarkarli flight

Mumbai to Tarkarli flight

Once you are in Goa you have lots of option to visit tarkarli. You can hire car or use public transport.

Pune to Tarkarli by Air

Similar to Mumbai to tarkarli by air, you can reach Pune to tarkarli by air. But, no direct flight from pune to tarkarli.

First, you have to reach Dabolim airport. Which is located in GOA. Then hire some vehicle or use public transport and reach Punjim. It is the capital of Goa state. Punjim to tarkarli lots of option available.

Final Verdict

Clean blue water with white sand is the sign of tarkarli beach. Scuba diving and other water sport increase tourist towards tarkarli.  But, how to reach tarkarli is one of the questions.

Here, we explore all available option to reach tarkarli. We try our best to solve how to reach tarkarli question. But still, if you have any query on any suggestion do not hesitate to comment below.