10 Best Travel Place Near Tarkarli Every Tourist Must Watch

Best Tourist Place Near Tarkarli – Konkan is one of the most underrated travel destinations, the Konkan traverses two states- Maharashtra and Goa; and is home to some of the most majestic forts and scenic, pleasant, un-commercial beaches in the region.

What more, it can be accessed any time of the year; its beauty remains unfazed by the weather. Statistics also say that the Konkan Region is also one of the most budget-friendly, nature-friendly and authentic places to travel to in the Western Ghats. All factors combined, it surely makes for a great weekend gateway or an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the urbane lifestyle.

10 Interesting Place  Near Tarkarli

Here are 10 travel destinations in the Konkan area that will take your breath away. All these places are near to tarkarli beach. Thus, Tarkarli tourist always looking to check this destination.

#Malvan Fort

Also known as the Sindhudurg fort, it is a perfect example of Maratha foresight and shrewdness. Built by Chatrapati Shivaji, the fort is located on an island that is, even today, accessible only via a ferry boat.

The journey costs bestween malavn city and Sindhudurgh fort is just 37 Rs for a round trip and reaches you within 15 minutes. In the midst the Arabian sea, this fort makes up for a delightfully charming sight, with its breathtaking natural beauty combined with ingenious architecture.

Sindhudurgh fort from Tarkarli Beach

Sindhudurgh fort from Tarkarli Beach

Sindhudurgh Fort is clearly visible from the tarkarli beach. Hence, it is tourist famous place near tarkarli.

#Devbagh Beach

A pristine virgin beach located in Karwar, Devbagh beach is the quintessential beach stop for every sun, sand, surf and sea lover.

Devbag Beach place near tarkarli

Devbag Beach place near tarkarliDevbag Beach

A sparse crowd and open space give you the feeling of having the beach to yourself; sometimes the only people apart from the few tourists are the fishermen there.

Water sports like snorkelling, speedboat cruises, banana boat rides and Para-sailing; beach volleyball and venturing to see dolphins in the deeper sea are all the fun activities that are undertaken there. Devbag is next to the tarkarli beach and hence comes in second most beautiful beach place of near tarkarli.

#Shiroda Beach

A beautiful beach, situated 19 km away from Vengurla, is decked with high rising coconut and palm trees. Historically significant for the place where salt satyagraha was carried out,  the beach boasts of clear serene tranquil water.

Shiroda Beach Resorts

Shiroda Beach Resorts

Nearby sightseeing points are plenty and famous.

#Amboli Ghat

A mountain pass in the Sahyadris, this ghat falls on the way from Kolhapur to Sawantwadi (via Amboli).



The beautiful amboli hill station lies in this ghat. The ghat is decked with scenic waterfalls, the most famous one being the Amboli waterfall.

Treks to the waterfalls are conducted year round, and you can easily hitch a ride on one.

If looking to visit tarkarli from pune then amboli ghat is another option for you. It is place between Pune to malvan via sawantwadi. So, If you are looking to hill station near tarkarli then amboli is best option for you.

#Bhogve beach

Bhogwe beach, located on the western shores of Maharashtra is about 36 km from Vengurla. A major attraction is that of the river named Karli merging with the sea. The beach presents a wonderful view of the estuary, from behind Devbaug’s famous Mobara Point.

The serene lagoon also presents with sights of jumping dolphins. An intriguing site during June to Augest is that of the fishermen fishing in the ‘Rampani style’, unique to this area.

#Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island is around 1 and 1/2 acre area and is so called because this piece of land was cut off from the mainland during Tsunami. The island is crocodile shaped from head to toe and is accessible from tarkarli via boat. A flurry of water sports are available, from scuba diving to snorkelling and Jetski; Bumper ride, Banana Rides and speedboats.

The best part of the rides is the kayak ride.  Another attraction is parasailing in the Arabian Sea which calls for a wonderful experience.

#Nivati Beach

A secluded cove nestled in the backwaters, with a stretch of pristine white sand beach and a tranquil blue sea, Nivati beach is famous for its raw nature and dolphin rides.

Dolphins, though endemic to the whole stretch, are large in number in these humble backwaters and are friendlier, bestowing this area with the adage ‘dolphin bay’.

A boat ride through the backwaters gives you a glimpse of the simple village life with the paddy fields and Rampani fishing.

#Vijaydurg Fort

500 km south of Mumbai, this fort is touted as the oldest fort in the Konkan stretch. it is strategically situated at the mouth of Vaghotan River. After sindhugurgh fort Vijaydurgh is another fort place near Tarkarli beach.

Vijaydurgh Fort

Vijaydurgh Fort

It is the largest fort on the coast and is best appreciated due to its fine architecture. A 40 km shallow creek runs around the fort. This creek made the fort virtually impregnable by acting as a natural protection around the fort. A peek into the mighty Arabian ocean gives this now famous tourist spot an essence of might and peace.

#Arambol beach

Widely accepted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Arambol beach has a distinct Bohemian feel to it. Arambol has two beaches- The main beach is named as Harmal Beach and the smaller one is the virgin Arambol Beach is a rocky cum sandy beach.

Goa Beach Party

Goa Beach Party

It is famous for fresh lagoons that extend into a thick jungle offering a magnificent view. The Arambol Lake said to merge with a hot water spring comprises of sulphurous mud which is said to do wonders for one’s skin health.

The pathway leading to this beach boasts of a bohemian market, and the beach itself serves as the perfect spot for activities like kite surfing and paragliding, snorkelling and diving.

The beach also hosts the most exciting rave parties in Goa. Goa is just 100 km away from tarkarli thus we consider goa as travel place near Tarkarli.

#Keri Beach

Keri, also known as Querim beach, is essentially a long stretch of sand decked with a few rocky outcrops, surrounded by coconut trees and flanked by a river inlet. The almost deserted peaceful shoreline has crops of pine trees giving you an amicable shade. The clear blue water is ideal for bathing and skinny dipping, and the beach is ideal for sunbathing.

Goa sunbathing

Goa sunbathing

Along the shores of the beach is an ancient Ajoba Temple.  The shore is also lined by centuries-old Goan houses, which are a marvel to behold.

Accommodations are provided in the nearby shacks, and the place is replenished with small shacks serving cheap, yet tasty Indian curry with bun bread.

You can also hike via the jungle to reach Arambol beach.

Final Thought

In this travel guide we discuss more and more about tarkarli. But,this post is focus on best traveling place near Tarkarli. We consider all types like beach,fort and hill station. If you know any other beautiful place near Tarkarli beach then please comment below.


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